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Allison's friends have organized this website to create awareness for ALS and to provide current and future financial support for Allison and her family. Many people have asked how they can donate to Allison directly and we have set up a secure account that will directly be deposited into the Allison Ginsberg Fund.  You also have the option of sending a check directly to Allison. For more information, please contact us at

Paypal is the safe, fast and secure way to send funds.  Please select or enter an amount and click the "Donate" button to be connected to our Paypal account.
Check out our Events page for upcoming events on various ways you can show support, especially by joining Allison's Artillery in the Les Turner ALS Walk4Life.  By pledging to walk, a donation will go to the Les Turner ALS Foundation. We will have several events, however, where Allison will directly benefit from your participation.  There are also sponsorship options and a silent auction.  We look forward to joining our team in September!

Many have asked what financial challenges Allison faces, or will face, on a day-to-day basis.  Besides facing new challenges each and every day as the effects of ALS continually worse, the simplest daily tasks are becoming increasingly difficult for Allison. As with all ALS patients, these routine daily tasks eventually will be impossible for her to perform independently.  To manage daily living Allison and all patients with ALS face extraordinary expenses. These could include the following:  a certified nurse assistant ($15-20/hour) to help with basic daily activities, a live in nurse ($130-150/day), a power wheelchair (after Medicare pays 80% it could cost $4000), a conversion van to transport the wheelchair, and a ceiling lift to get her in and out of bed ($5000).  In addition, Allison and other ALS patients seek alternative treatments such as acupuncture and holistic medicine that may not covered by private insurance or Medicare. As we all know, anything related to medical expenses adds up very fast.  The struggle to cover the costs is exacerbated by ALS patients’ inability to work. 

On behalf of Allison's friends, we thank you for your support of Allison and her family. We will continue to fight on behalf of Allison, and continue to fight against ALS.

** The Allison Ginsberg Fund was established to directly assist with the financial needs of Allison's medical & therapeutic rehabilitation expenses.  A nominal portion of the Fund will be used for mailings and postage. The Allison Ginsberg Fund is not a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation. 

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